ACM– ont the ACM exhaust gas control unit, the most common faults are: too low voltage on the control unit, exhaust gas temperature sensors (missing signal), nox sensor errors (missing signal), water entered the control unit…

We are pleased to note that we can FIX all the errors we have listed (and others that are not so common, so we did not mention them).

There are several types of hardware ACM:

ACM, ACM2, ACM2.1 (unlocked), ACM 2.1 (locked HW: D2; HW: D3), ACM 2.1 (locked HW: D4).

The ACM can be switched from one vehicle to another, however on newer types a DATA MANIPULATION fault will appear, so replacement is not recommended. Older types of ACM (which were made approx. until 4/2016) will not show any error when switching from one vehicle to another, but it is necessary to pay attention to the EURO norm, never put ACM from EEV to EURO VI or othervise !!!

Unlocked ACM models can be cloned (data from the old control unit is read with certain tools) and written into a new, or used, correct control unit. In this way, the control unit is just replaced and the truck has to start.

ACM models that are locked must be adapted to the vehicle using special tools, they cannot be cloned