DirectConnect 2U kit


DirectConnect 2U kit

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New generation DirectConnect 2U tool (DC2U) for different vehicle control modules programming without a complete vehicle system.
ISP helps Read & Write unknown or damaged firmware from vehicle control units.
BSL mode, TriCore BL mode, Motorola BKG mode, NEC serial BL ready.
Supported: J1708, BSL UART, SPI (SCI), MBench.

The DirectConnect 2U tool does not work without VEI device.

DirectConnect 2U designed to work in a room temperature higher than +5.


DirectConnect 2U toolkit includes:

DirectConnect 2U box
PLD16 cable for DC2 0.30m
DC2-ISP2 cable for BSL mode
DC2-OBD2-Power cable
License DC2


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