Truck Explorer SFTP Advanced dit specially designed for New SFTP Mercedes truck programming specialists. Includes all functions for MP4 SFTP trucks. To support older Mercedes trucks, choose MB Full kit


Read/write MCM, MCM2, MCM2.1 (OBD, DC, BSL)
MCM2.1 HW: D4 unlock (with tokens)
Read/write ACM, ACM2, ACM2.1 (OBD, DC, BSL)
CPC3 read/write by OBD, DC, JTAG
EIS (electronic ignition switch) read/write flash
Key programming to MCM
MCM, TCM unpairing (with tokens)
MCM, TCM pairing with EIS
FDOK, VeDOC calculation in MCM
Speed limit change in CPC3, CPC3Evo
Speed limit change in CPC4, CPC5 (with tokens)

Update/support subscription for 12 months is included.
Warranty for hardware is 12 months.

Availability to run operations for tokens: Operations and prices
Included Tokens: 700

25% VAT not included.

Included licenses

License pack CPC3 – License CPC3 DC – License CPC3 OBD New! – License CPC3 JTAG – CPC3 R/W (Flash MPC5566/Eeprom AT25256) by DC, OBD and JTAG mode
License SFTP KEYS –  EIS/MCM/TCM keys operations added: ‘Read keys info’; MCM/TCM ‘Unpairing’ (Online, DC mode only); MCM/TCM ‘Pairing’ (Offline, OBD) (600 tokens included). Transponder key programming to MCM (offline)
License SFTP CALC – MB SFTP (MP4) VeDoc/Fdok XS; XT; XN; X1; X2; X8
License EIS ISP – SFTP EIS Read/Write Flash&EEPROM by DC2U in ISP mode. D70F3628
License pack MCM BSL – License MCM BSL – License MCM2.1 BSL, MCM, MCM2, ACM2, ACM2.1 (unlocked), MCM2.1 (unlocked, locked) – Flash & EEPROM R/W by DC2 in BSL
License pack MCM – License MCM DC – License MCM OBD, MCM – Flash & EEPROM Read/Write by DC and OBD
License pack MCM2 – License MCM2 DC – License MCM2 OBD, MCM2 – Flash & EEPROM Read/Write via DC2 and OBD
License pack ACM2 – License ACM2 DC – License ACM2 OBD, ACM2 – Flash & EEPROM Read/Write by DC2 and OBD
License pack MCM2.1 – License MCM2.1 DC – License MCM2.1 OBD, MCM2.1 (locked/unlocked) – Flash & EEPROM Read/Write by DC2 and OBD
License pack ACM2.1 – License ACM2.1 DC – License ACM2.1 OBD, ACM2.1 (locked/unlocked) Flash & EEPROM Read/Write by DC2 and OBD
License pack EXTRA – License MB EXTRA – License CPC3 EXTRA – License ADM EXTRA, Speed limit R/W for PLD and FR; Torque limit R/W; AdBlue error Erase Speed limit R/W for MCM and CPC3; SFTP Speed limit R/W for ADM3;

License CPC3 EXTRA – Change speed limit on SFTP Mercedes Trucks (MP4, Euro 6)
License DC2 – Operations by Direct Connection 2 tool (DC2, DC2M, DC2U).
License Android – Truck Explorer Android license
Tokens for operations
Additional operations for tokens ( price per operation )

Included hardware

1 D200707003
Truck Explorer SFTP Advanced
2 D151201001
Truck Explorer SFTP Advanced
3 D185101084
Truck Explorer SFTP Advanced
4 D165120003
Truck Explorer SFTP Advanced
5 D205111007
Truck Explorer SFTP Advanced
6 D225100020
Truck Explorer SFTP Advanced
7 D205100024
Truck Explorer SFTP Advanced
8 D205111003
Truck Explorer SFTP Advanced
9 D195111003
Truck Explorer SFTP Advanced
10 D215111009
Truck Explorer SFTP Advanced
11 D2251K1002
Truck Explorer SFTP Advanced
12 D205112006
Truck Explorer SFTP Advanced
13 D205188003
Truck Explorer SFTP Advanced


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