License SFTP KEYS allows to pair an optical keys (EIS) to TCM and MCM2 (MCM2.1)


License SFTP KEYS allows to pair an optical keys (EIS) to TCM and MCM2 (MCM2.1).
You could take a used TCM (or MCM), unpair it and put to any SFTP truck (Mercedes MP4).
With PAIRING function, optical keys will be programed to unpaired TCM (or MCM).
Full description:

Software module: SFTP KEYS (Optical key programming on SFTP)
Software version release: v6.12 (2019-12-02)
v6.14 (2020-06-05)
New: v6.17 (2021-05-20)
Brand: Mercedes; Detroit Diesel
Vehicle type: Trucks; Buses
Affected electronical control units: EIS01; MCM2; MCM2.1 (D2.x; D3.x; D4); TCM01T (WABCO/FESTO)
Description: SFTP KEYS managing Immobilizer system of SFTP (generation 4) trucks and buses. Immobilizer diagnostic, adaptation and repair.
Functionality: Key+EIS+MCM+TCM immobilizer Info Read;
MCM, TCM unpairing (internet and active tokens needed);
EIS+MCM+TCM pairing by OBD (offline);
Optical key diagnostic;
Transponder key programming to MCM.
Switch from Classic to FBS3 mode
Switch from FBS3 to Classic mode
Information updated: 2021-05-31
UNPAIRING function: Tokens needed. Online. Only DC mode.
PAIRING function: Tokens no needed. Offline. Only OBD mode.
Transponder key programming: No Tokens needed. Offline. OBD mode only
Tokens: 600 tokens included in license price
Requirements: Not included in a license:
DC2U kit
DC2U-TCM cable
DC2U-ACM/MCM cable
Software versions from v6.12
Active Tokens for Online UNPAIR function

License SFTP keys functions

TCM Unpair (virgin) – need online! 100 tokens
MCM Unpair (virgin) – need online! 50 tokens
MCM Pair (by OBD) 0 tokens
TCM Pair (by OBD) 0 tokens
MCM Switch from Classic to FBS3 mode 60 tokens
MCM Switch from FBS3 to Classic mode 60 tokens
MCM Add new key with transponder 0 tokens

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