Truck Explorer KAMATIC kit is special for KAMAZ, MAZ and MB trucks.

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Truck Explorer KAMATIC kit is special for KAMAZ, MAZ and MB trucks.

Kamatic kit is updated from 2022-02-01.

Update/support subscription for 12 months is included.
Warranty for hardware is 12 months.

Availability to run operations for tokens: Operations and prices
Included Tokens: 100

25% VAT not included.

Included licenses

License MB MR –  PLD (MR) external FLASH & EEPROMs Read&Write; Checksum
License MB KEYS – Key programming for Mercedes truck (MR) by OBDKey programming on PLD (MR). IMMO OFF on MR and FR/CPC
License MB CALC – Calculate codes for VeDoc ( X1, X2, X8); FDOK (XT, XS, XN) algorithms, DAS password
License MR+ – MB MR; MB KEYS; MB CALC functionality with PLD MCU XC2287, XC2288H. Supported Firmware: 22B; 23E; 24B, 23F; 24C; 25B, 30C, 25C, 31B

License ADM BSL – ADM2; ADM3 – Flash & EEPROM R/W in BSL mode

License pack CPC4 – License CPC4 DC – License CPC4 OBD – License CPC4 BSL, CPC4 Read/Write (TC1796 Flash & EEPROM) in OBD, DC and BSL mode

License pack EXTRA – License MB EXTRA – License CPC3 EXTRA – License ADM EXTRA, Speed limit R/W for PLD and FR; Torque limit R/W; AdBlue error Erase Speed limit R/W for MCM and CPC3; SFTP Speed limit R/W for ADM3;
License DC2 – Operations by Direct Connection 2 tool (DC2, DC2M, DC2U).
License MB DIAG – MB Fault codes DTC Read/Erase; All code descriptions; Generate Full report in PDF file
License MAN DIAG – MAN Fault codes DTC Read/Erase; All code descriptions. OBD/DC2
License Android – Truck Explorer Android license

Included hardware

1 D200707003
Truck Explorer Kamatic
2 D151201001
Truck Explorer Kamatic
3 D151120064
Truck Explorer Kamatic
4 D185101084
Truck Explorer Kamatic
5 D205116001
Truck Explorer Kamatic
6 D185101004
Truck Explorer Kamatic
7 D165120003
Truck Explorer Kamatic
8 D195121005
Truck Explorer Kamatic
9 D195111004
Truck Explorer Kamatic
10 D195102003
Truck Explorer Kamatic
11 D205112006
Truck Explorer Kamatic
12 D205188003
Truck Explorer Kamatic


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